For over 17 years, the partners have provided quality, personalized services to both businesses and the private citizen.

The range of services offered is the result of years of on-hands experience and encompass the full spectrum of legal services our clients may require. This has resulted in a satisfied, loyal client portfolio with clients who know that their legal matters are in safe and competent hands.

By ensuring our clients are aware and informed at each step of whatever legal matter they have placed in our hands, we have been able to implement practical solutions to a wide range of complex issues. Whether it be conveyancing, business matters, immigration problems, tax planning or any form of litigation, our efforts are always focused on achieving our clients’ goals. We take your “Legal Matters” as seriously as you do!

We invite you to read on and learn more about the partners in our law firm, what we undertake to provide our clients with and the wide range of services we have to offer. You are always welcome to contact us if you think we can help to you in any way at all.


Son of a prestigious lawyer in Madrid, his city of birth, Mr. Corrales was raised between Spain and the United Kingdom and holds a Law Degree from the University of Madrid, where he graduated with Honours in 1997. He began practicing in the jurisdiction of Madrid in two well-renowned firms which specialized in high value commercial and civil claims.

Seeing the advantages of his fluent English to members of the expatriate community, who can find themselves ‘lost in translation’ with the Spanish legal system, let alone not understanding the language, he moved to the cosmopolitan Costa del Sol, with its more amenable climate, becoming a Member of the Malaga Bar Association in 2001.

Mr. Corrales attended the Malaga Bar Association’s School of Legal Practice (2001 to 2003) achieving a Special Mention. Since then he has completed a series of monographic courses.

Due to his having spent his early years in the United Kingdom, his English is fluent, thus allowing for perfect one-on-one communication with English-speaking clients. Needless to say, this precludes potential translation problems and misunderstandings, a crucial element when you are in a foreign country where they speak a different language and you find yourself up against a legal system different from your own.

With 17 years in practice, Mr. Corrales expertise is in conveyancing, commercial, corporate, immigration, family and criminal law as well as the representation of plaintiffs and especially in relation to Spain’s expatriate community.

Mr. Corrales has also served as a Court Appointed Lawyer, providing Legal Aid in civil and criminal matters, family law, domestic violence cases, to detainees and prisoners, minors and foreign nationals.

Mr. Corrales has always firmly believed that, to achieve professional prestige, the respect of your peers and maintain a portfolio of satisfied clients, it is essential to be honest, hard working and capable of prioritizing your clients needs, to always be approachable and provide total clarity at every stage of the legal process at hand. He considers that being be up to date with new and emerging legislation and jurisprudence on a day-to-day basis to provide clients with seamless and efficient services is a sine qua non for anyone in his profession.


Born in Seville and raised in Marbella, Mr. Sarria comes from a dynasty of lawyers and members of the judiciary. He obtained his Law Degree from Malaga University where he graduated in 2000 and has been a practicing member of Malaga´s Bar Association since 2001.

Mr. Sarria attended the Malaga Bar Association’s School of Legal Practice (2001 to 2003) where he achieved a Special Mention for two consecutive years. Since then, he has taken many monographic courses throughout the years.

He has always combined his legal work with his interest in marine navigation and marine activities in general, and holds a full recreational yacht captain’s license.

Over the years, Mr. Sarria has gained great esteem and respect in the courts of Malaga where he has practiced his profession. His vast experience, specialized knowledge and his general career path, combined with scrupulous compliance to his responsibilities, merited his appointment as Administrative Receiver and Insolvency Practitioner at the beginning of 2013.

He currently performs these duties by appointment to Marbella’s 8th Magistrate’s Court and Malaga’s 2nd Commercial Court.

Mr. Sarria speaks English and German, which allow ease of communication with any English or German-speaking clients.

With 14 years in practice, Mr. Sarria has specialized in the representation of plaintiffs, conveyancing, corporate law, family and criminal law and fraud prosecutions.

From the beginning of his career, Mr. Sarria has served as a Court Appointed Lawyer, providing Legal Aid in civil and family law, domestic violence cases, criminal law, to detainees and prisoners, minors, foreign nationals and in serious criminal cases.